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Convert your Aga Cookers cooker to Electric

NA Jones Plumbing and Heating Ltd are aiming to promote a "greener" Aga Cookers. Standard Aga Cookers cookers are either powered by Solid Fuel, Gas or Oil, but did you know they can be converted to Electric?!

We are offering you the chance to own a fully reconditioned 13 Amp Electric Aga Cookers cooker, available in the colour of your choice and restored to the highest standard fitted with a CE approved Newton Conversion Kit.

The 13amp Electric Aga Cookers uses a 13amp or 2.5KW electricity supply, similar to that of an electric kettle. This method is combustion free therefore it eliminates the use of a chimney flute.

The Newton Conversion is beneficial to you as it allows your Aga Cookers to be fitted almost anywhere in your kitchen. All of the controls are mounted on the outside of the Aga Cookers in a purpose built box and can be in a cabinet to either side of the Aga Cookers.

If you would like to know more about the process of the conversion, please get in contact with us now by sending us a direct email or calling 07770 698073.